Message From The Vice Principals

I would like to welcome all returning students to the new school year 2020-2021

I would also like to welcome all the new students who are joining us this year.


 A special welcome to all parents and guardians.


This school year we are preparing to open school in different forms amidst a pandemic that has proving to be devastating across the world but with your help and cooperation I know we can overcome this Challenge.

I must say to you that school as you know it will not be the same. We are forced to make giant leaps in technology in order to educate our children.

I say to the students, open your mind to a new day. Be prepared to use your phones, laptops, and tablets as learning tools. You are now required to play your part in your own learning more than ever. Open your minds to new ways of learning and reach out to your teachers as they are there for you to guide you through this time.

To the students that are facing challenges with accessing smart devices and the internet, I say to you do not keep these challenges to yourself. Let your form teachers know every challenge that you are facing. You have your form teacher who will be closely monitoring your journey this year and many other persons in the school who are here present to support you. Let me remind you of the wide support group available to you:

  • Your Principal Mrs. Anniona Jones

  • Your Vice principals

  • Dean of discipline

  • Guidance counsellors

  • Grade Coordinators

  • Form teachers

  • Nurses.

Students I encourage you to become excited about this school year and create a plan to make this school year a successful one.

To the parents I say. You are one of our most important stakeholders in this process. We will need your support as key members of the team in order to achieve our goals this year. I encourage you to make the sacrifices needed to ensure that your children have the required resources to function at this time. I also encourage you to develop a close relationship with your children form teachers and the wider school community.  keep up with the school’s presence on social media and respond with your suggestions for improvement.


The team in school did not rest this summer. We have been meeting, planning, training our teachers, and implementing measures to ensure that our students learning continues in this time.

We have a design with three approaches for teaching and learning this school year:

  • Face to Face where possible

  • Online lessons and

  • Project-based learning.

We continue to meet and plan for this changing time in our quest to ensure that our children are empowered with the qualifications and skills that they will need to compete in this global society.

I am confident that with everyone on the team working together we will be successful

Marcus Garvey Technical High school

Arise Shine it’s a new day

God Bless you all.

Joan Higgins - Vice Principal

(Main Campus)

Welcome to the Marcus Garvey Technical High School, the only Technical High school in St. Ann. I am Richard Williams one of your Vice Principals. I am in charge of the Mansfield campus where our grade seven (7) and eight (8) students reside.

As I welcome you to the team, I expect that you will come here and be the best you can be. We set high standards for our students and of such, I encourage you to come and be the best you can be by utilizing the many resources that will be at your disposal.

In this time of uncertainty caused by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I expect that you will make use of the time afforded to you. Come with your “A” game and I assure you that you will not regret it.

No longer will your behavior reflects that of a primary age student, but that of a secondary age mature individual who will quickly take responsibility for your education and future.

This school Marcus Garvey Technical High is rich in culture, resources, and qualified staff to take care of your developmental needs. WE are committed to the task ahead. We will do our best so that in five years’ time you will reflect and proudly say “I AM A GARVIAN. I WENT TO THE HIGH SCHOOL NAMED AFTER OUR FIRST NATIONAL HERO”.

Parents, we are counting on you to hold our hands through this process, because without you all efforts will be futile.


Thank You.

Richard Williams - Vice Principal

(Mansfield Campus)