Career Advancement Program

The Career Advancement Programme (CAP)/Grade 12 which is the flagship youth education programme of Ministry of Education within the secondary school system, was re-introduced at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in September 2016.

This programme provides additional educational and vocational training opportunities for secondary students aged 16 to 18.

Through the rebranded Career Advancement Programme (CAP), trainees are exposed to several core subjects including: Mathematics, English Language, Entrepreneurship, Career Guidance & Personal Development, Physical Education and a skill from the following: Logistics and Supply Chain Operations, Warehouse Operations, Electrical Installation, Plumbing and Hospitality, Villa Services and Other Properties.

In addition to the provision by The Ministry of Education for students to pursue Mathematics and English at the City & Guilds level and a skill at the NVQ (NCTVET), trainees have the opportunity to pursue other subjects at the CXC - CSEC and CAPE levels.  Trainees registered in the different subject areas are given the opportunity to attend classes with the day school students in the given subject areas.

Competency based education and training (CBET) methodologies are embedded within the training and students are exposed to on the job training.  Learners are also oriented to career interest through field trips and industry experience.

Trainees are integrally involved in all activities held at the school; this includes clubs and societies, sports day, prayer and courtesy day, carol service, Marcus Garvey day, Jamaica day, Teachers’ Day, Awards Ceremony.

We have a very active CAP Student Council/Senate and trainees make significant use of the school’s library facilities before the start of their shift. 

Our ultimate goal is to have all our trainees certified at the NVQ Level 2 and matriculate to the HEART Occupational College. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my principal Mrs Monica McIntyre, bursar and assistant bursar, support staff and the very competent and committed instructors who have been supportive as we work towards achieving our goal of “certification for all”.


I take pride in our delivery of best practices as a team.

Monica Sellers (Miss)

Coordinator Career Advancement Programme (CAP)

Coordinator External Examinations

Supervisor Grade Nine