Grand Educational Opportunity for young people 16-18

The Marcus Garvey Techical High School is now recruiting trainees for the Hospitality and Tourism Management Associate Degree Programme that will be offered through the Moneague College.  Classes will be held on the Marcus Garvey Technical High School Campus and trainees will be transported once per week for classes at the Moneague campus. Classes  scheduled to begin October 2018.

Benefits :

1. MOE sponsored tuition /scholarship

2. Trainees qualify to apply for the summer overseas Internship Program - where they can work overseas in the summer holidays

3. Triple Certification  (OAD in Customer Service, NVQJ Level 4 certificate, and Diploma in HTM from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute that will quantify you to work in the Hospitality industry in North America.


1. Age 16-18 years

2. Attained 5 CXC passes including Mathematics and English Language.  OR
NCTVET Level 2 in any Hospitality program.

* Interested persons who do not have the full qualification requirements may come in to see if they can be facilitated on a conditional acceptance.

*Space limited  - We are only able to accept 30 trainees.

Please contact Ms. M. Sellers at the school for further information.