Vice Principal's Message

Mrs. D. Reid
Acting Vice Principal
Mr. R. Williams
 Vice Principal
Miss J. Higgins
Vice Principal

Marcus Garvey Technical High School, this year celebrates its 45th Anniversary. This was launched on April 3, 2017 and featured its birth, growth and scholastic productions to date.

We feel proud of our past students who have taken their place in the successful world of professions: Executive Chef, Teachers, Computer Enthusiasts and Skilled Technicians of all sorts who are holding “their own” in many countries and in Jamaica, especially in many of the hotels on the North Coast.

We want to thank every member of staff: academic, administrative and ancillary who continue to fuel the success of our school.

As Vice Principals, we remain dedicated to making Marcus Garvey Technical High a school of excellence.

Let us all, continue to ‘Pass the time in doing good.